This is the ABOUT section of the website. Presumably, you have come to learn all ABOUT our podcast. God bless you. You like to be in the know. In first grade, your teacher may have referred to you as an “eager beaver”. 

Well, beaver-friend, let’s start by letting you sink your teeth into the trunks of some common misconceptions. We want to put a few rumors to rest. The following things are NOT true about Fishing with Dynamite. 


- We broadcast from a leaky dinghy in the inflatable pool in Paul’s back yard.  

- Our sound engineer is a poncho-wearing chihuahua named Juan Diego. 

- In his youth, Paul was the relief relief kicker for the Cleveland Browns. 

- We have been incurred a lifetime ban from the RadioShack in Charles Town, West Virginia for “swinging microphones around by the cord and ‘casting’ them into the SmartTV display”.   

- Our theme song is actually based on the little-known tune Hallo Biber Leute written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1781. This translates roughly to Dance of the Sour Patch Knuckleheads. 


If you waded through that sea of nonsense, you deserve a beaver-prize. Here are some things that are TRUE about us. 

Fishing with Dynamite is a weekly podcast hosted by Mark Guiney and Paul Buede. It's about having fun and the joy of living the Christian life. We’re Catholics (by the grace of God), but we invite people of all faiths and backgrounds to share their stories with us. 



(poor you)

We're a sure indication that Catholic podcasting is toast. 

We're a sure indication that Catholic podcasting is toast.